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Surprise Training

We are starting training sessions in Surprise. We will start by offering sessions once a week. As interest grows, we will add and make adjustments accordingly.

Here's what you can expect:

Game-Like Reps @

Game-Like Speeds for

Game Results You Like

We teach skills, techniques, and concepts in an easy to understand process. We then work on that technique for mastery. Then players are put in a situation where they can use that skill, technique, or concept in a game-like situation. This is how we lay out a foundation that we can build upon in all areas of skill development. Everything we do is geared toward their success in a game setting.

You can expect that during a workout they will get individual attention and they will be engaged. We work intensely so that in a game setting they can process information quickly and play instinctively while making the correct basketball decisions and plays. We achieve this by giving them tons of quality repetitions on the skills, techniques, and concepts that matter in games.

Our workouts are challenging, but they get results. Let us help you get where you want to be.

We are having a camp for grades 2-8 on Presidents' Day, February 20th from 5:00-8:00. This camp will focus on Shooting, Ball Handling, Decision Making, and Play Making. This is a coed camp.


The price is $35 per player.

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