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We teach skills, techniques, and concepts in an easy to understand process. We then work on that technique for mastery. Then players are put in a situation where they can use that skill, technique, or concept in a game-like situation. This is how we lay out a foundation that we can build upon in all areas of skill development. Everything we do is geared toward their success in a game setting.

You can expect that during a workout they will get individual attention and they will be engaged. We work intensely so that in a game setting they can process information quickly and play instinctively while making the correct basketball decisions and plays. We achieve this by giving them tons of quality repetitions on the skills, techniques, and concepts that matter in games.

Our workouts are challenging, but they get results. Let us help you get where you want to be.

Our 6-8 year olds will get the gym all to themselves with their 9 ft. hoops and 27.5" basketball.


The 9-16 year olds will have their own time as well.

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In November, we will begin a comprehensive player development program. The program is designed to help players get prepared to have success in a 5 on 5 game situation. Each week, players will spend an hour working on skills and drills and then compete in a game with two 20 minute halves. Players will learn new skills and how to apply them in a team setting. Each team will have a coach that will assist in their development over the course of the program.

*Our 6-8 year old division will play on nine foot hoops and use a 27.5" basketball. This division is limited to 16 players.

*Our 9-11 year old division will play at 10 foot hoops and use a 28.5" basketball. This division is limited to 32 players.

*Our 12-14 year old division will play at 10 foot hoops and use a 29.5" basketball. For this reason, it is a boys only division. This division is limited to 32 players.

Due to the registration limits, register soon. Participation is based on a first come, first served basis. Registration is $150 for the program and includes the hour of training each week, a game each week, and a reversible jersey for games. The deadline for entry is October 21st.

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We will be training at Arizona Lutheran Academy:

6036 S. 27th Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85041