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1 v 1 Tournaments

Our 1 v 1 Tournaments put players in a safe, competitive environment where they can showcase their skills in a more 1 on 1 setting. The style and creativity is completely up to the individual and it places an emphasis on having to play offense and defense. The games are fast paced and exciting for both players and fans.

We are hosting a tournament on Sunday, November 12th. The tournament will be from 3:30-8:00. Here are some items of note:

*Games at Arizona Lutheran Academy

*Registration Deadline - November 8th

*Tournament Bracket Released November 9th

*$25 Per Player

*There is a $10 Entry Fee For Spectators

*11 Players Per Division - Double Elimination Tournament

*Divisions - Grades 3-4 Boys, Grades 5-6 Boys, Grades 7-8 Boys, Grades 7-8 Girls

*Each Division Will Have Their Own Court And Official

*Arrive at 3:30 for Introductions, Rules Meeting, and Warmups

*Games begin at 4:00

1 v1 Tournament Rules

  1. The player listed on the top of the bracket will shoot for the ball at the start of each game.

  2. Each game will be to 11 points or 10 minutes long. Player must win by only one point.

  3. Players score either by one point (inside the 3 point arc) or by two points (outside the 3 point arc)

  4. After a basket has been scored or a foul called, a player must put the ball in play at the three-point line at the top of the key.

  5. All held balls will be put into play behind the three-point line with possession given alternately to each player.

  6. On defensive rebounds or steals, a player must clear the three-point line before a basket may be attempted. 

  7. After a basket, the player scored upon will put the ball in play.

  8. Fouls will be called by the court monitor/referee.

  9. All fouls result in one shot. If fouled inside the three-point line, the free throw is worth 1 point. If fouled outside the three-point line on a shot, free throw is worth 2 points. Make or miss the defense will get the next possession at the top of the key above the 3 point line.

  10. If the game ends in a tie after regulation, next player to score wins the game. Possession in OT will be determined by the first player listed shooting for ball.

1v1 Tournament.jpg

The tournament will be held at Arizona Lutheran Academy

6036 S. 27th Ave. 

Phoenix, AZ 85041

If you have any questions, contact Coach Hill:

(602)376-8572 or

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