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Surprise Training

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We are an ESA vendor. You can use those funds for all of our services. Contact us and we'll send you an invoice for services you can submit. 

We teach skills, techniques, and concepts in an easy to understand process. We then work on that technique for mastery. Then players are put in a situation where they can use that skill, technique, or concept in a game-like situation. This is how we lay out a foundation that we can build upon in all areas of skill development. Everything we do is geared toward their success in a game setting.

You can expect that during a workout they will get individual attention and they will be engaged. We work intensely so that in a game setting they can process information quickly and play instinctively while making the correct basketball decisions and plays for ourselves and our teammates. We achieve this by giving them tons of quality repetitions on the skills, techniques, and concepts that matter in games.

Our training is designed to supplement team practices players already may be involved in. Players need individual skill development and repetition on those skills that is not always provided in a team practice setting. We can be that bridge that helps them develop into the players they want to become.

Our workouts are challenging, but they get results. Let us help you get where you want to be.

We are providing a three week development program in Surprise. The design of the program is to focus on individual skill development that leads to success in game situations. Each week players will have a workout followed immediately by a competitive game. We'll work 3 on 3, 4  on 4, and 5 on 5. Players will receive instruction on Shooting, Ball Handling, Defense, and Basketball IQ. We'll show them how individual skill translates to game execution when it really matters. Our 6-8 year olds will play on 9 ft. hoops and use a 27.5" basketball. They will get a 45 minute skill workout and a 15 minute game each week. This is the perfect age to start getting your youngster comfortable with the basketball and introduced to the game. Our 9-11 year olds will use a 28.5" basketball and will play at 10 ft. hoops. They will have a 60 minute workout and a 30 minute game each week. This will be a coed setting. Our 12-14 year old group will also receive a 60 minute workout followed by a 30 minute game. The workout will be coed. We'll split the games into separate boys and girls games based on the number of registered players. This is only a three week program where we will showcase what we can do to help your child improve. If there is enough interest. We plan to offer longer programming in the area. Come on in and see what a great value this is!

Here are the times:

Ages 6-8 4:00-5:00

Ages 9-11 5:00-6:30

Ages 12-14 6:30-8:00

2024 Development Program Surprise IG_edited.jpg

On Presidents' Day, we will host a competitive game camp. Players will be put in 1v1 all the way up to 5v5 situations. They will be in advantage and disadvantaged situations. They will learn to compete no matter the situation. Communication and playmaking on both sides of the ball will be at a premium. This is a fantastic opportunity to work on the aspects of the game that matter in the full court as well as on the half court and in transition.

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