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Our 3 on 3 Tournaments put players in a safe, competitive environment where they can showcase their skills. The 3 on 3 game allows players to showcase their skills because there is more space to run game actions. It puts an emphasis on playing offense and defense and opens the lines of communication. The games are fast paced and exciting for both players and fans. Come in and be part of the fun and join us for our next tournament!

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We are hosting a tournament on Sunday, August 18th. The first games will begin at 12:00. Here are some items of note:

*Games at Arizona Lutheran Academy

*Registration Deadline - Thursday, August 15th @ Noon. Brackets Will Be Sent Out That Afternoon.

*$150 Per Team ($25 Per Player If You Have 5 Players)

*There is a $5 Entry Fee For Spectators (Helps Pay For Officials)

*2 Game Guarantee

*Divisions - Grades 3-4 Boys, Grades 5-6 Boys, Grades 7-8 Boys

*Each Division Will Have Their Own Court And Official

*Each Team Is Allowed A Coach/Parent On The Bench With Them

*Uniforms Are Not Required, But Try To Wear Something Similar In Color

*Games Begin At 12:00.

3 on 3 Tournament Rules

Please note that inappropriate language and/or behavior directed at players or officials will not be tolerated. Only one warning will be given. If the incident reoccurs, the adult or child involved will be asked to leave. Please help make this a positive event. Thank you in advance for your cooperation; we look forward to seeing you.


There will be a $5 fee at the door for anyone not playing in the tournament. Children 5 and under are free. 


Pre Game:

Each team can have up to 5 players on a roster. All games may start and be completed with any number of players (3,2,1).

Both teams will have 5 minutes to warm up before the game.

Please be there 15 minutes before your scheduled game time. 

Team captains will meet with the official to do a coin toss for who will receive possession of the ball to start. The same thing will happen at the beginning of a sudden death. 


There will be 1 official on the court. 

Please be respectful to our officials. Their calls are final and may not be reviewed. 

If a player receives a technical foul at any time that player is ejected from the game. This player will be able to play the next game but may not return to the game in which they received the technical. 

A technical foul is any vulgar or verbally abusive behavior. Any foul deemed to hurt or injure a player. 

If a punch is thrown that player will be disqualified from the tournament and may not return. 

Game Rules: 

Speed Ball! This means that we will not shoot free throws until the last minute of the game. If a player is fouled on a shooting foul in front of the three point line, it will be worth 1 point. If the foul is on the three point shot, it is worth 2 points. If it is a loose ball foul or out of bounds, there will be a check ball at the top. 

Players must pass the ball into play. Players may not dribble after the checked ball until the ball has been passed in. 

Each game will be played to 15 or whoever is winning after 20 minutes, whichever comes first. There is no win by 2 it is first to 15 straight up. If the game is tied at the end of 20 minutes, there will be a sudden death. There will be another coin toss for possession and the first team to score will win the game. 

Jump balls will go with alternating possession. 

The clock will stop in the last minute of the game. 

Each team will have 2 one minute time outs per game. If the game goes into sudden death, teams will receive another 1 minute time out. 

The ball must be taken back (cleared) past the 3 point line on every change of possession. “Taking back” means both feet and the ball must clear the 3 point line. 

After the ball is scored, the scoring team will go to defense. The ball does not have to be checked up top but must be cleared past the 3 point line before put into play. The defense (team that just scored) may steal the ball as it is being cleared after the basket. If they do steal the ball that team must clear the ball before a made basket. 

If a player is fouled on a shot it counts as a point and that team will get the ball back. If a player is fouled on a 3 it is 2 points and ball back 

Fouls on 3 pointers during the last minute of the game will result in 2 free throws 

If it is game point and a player is fouled on a shot and miss they will not be given the point that would end the game. The player who was fouled must shoot a free throw to win the game. If this free throw is missed, the team who was fouled will receive the ball back and must score their final point to win. They would get 1 free throw if it was inside the 3 point line and 2 free throws if the foul was on a 3 pointer. 

Fouls on shots inside of the 3 point line in the last minute of the game will result in 1 free throw. Players will line up starting at the blocks.

Off ball fouls or non shooting fouls will result in a check ball up top.



Arizona Lutheran Academy 

6036 S. 27th Ave. 

Phoenix, AZ 85041

Please feel free to call, text, or email me if you have any questions! This is meant to be a fun, competitive, and safe environment. 

Scott Hill


Tournament Director

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