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Phoenix Training

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We are an ESA vendor. You can use those funds for all of our services. Contact us and we'll send you an invoice that you can submit.

We teach skills, techniques, and concepts in an easy to understand process. We then work on that technique for mastery. Then players are put in a situation where they can use that skill, technique, or concept in a game-like situation. This is how we lay out a foundation that we can build upon in all areas of skill development. Everything we do is geared toward their success in a game setting.

You can expect that during a workout they will get individual attention and they will be engaged. We work intensely so that in a game setting they can process information quickly and play instinctively while making the correct basketball decisions and plays for ourselves and our teammates. We achieve this by giving them tons of quality repetitions on the skills, techniques, and concepts that matter in games.

Our training is designed to supplement team practices players already may be involved in. Players need individual skill development and repetition on those skills that is not always provided in a team practice setting. We can be that bridge that helps them develop into the players they want to become.

Our workouts are challenging, but they get results. Let us help you get where you want to be.

We have a summer workout schedule set. Each workout is 90 minutes. We will combine individual skill development as well as game play. We are going to do a ton of shooting. Players will be divided into groups based on skill level. We will teach a concept and then level it according to their ability. All players will be challenged during a workout. This is a great way to add things to your game and enhance what's being worked on with your current team. The summers are all about getting in the gym and improving for the upcoming season. Let us become a part of your development. You can register for any of the workouts that fit into your schedule.

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This league is designed for players who are looking to improve and compete! We are going to get after an intense workout and competitive play each week. Players are going to go up against other players who will push and challenge them. They will be placed on different teams each week to maintain a competitive balance. This league is not about playing for trophies. It's about bringing your best to help bring out the best in others. We are going to challenge your mental and physical abilities. If you are looking to take your game to another level, this is the place to be. This league is a great supplement to practices you may already be attending since Sundays are often open days. Spots are limited so reserve yours today. If you'd like your jersey for the first week, please register by August 4th. If you register after that, you'll still get a jersey, but they take about 3 weeks to process. We look forward to helping you develop!

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We will be training at Arizona Lutheran Academy:

6036 S. 27th Ave.

Phoenix, AZ 85041

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