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Coed Camps

Our basketball camps are designed to optimize skill development and challenge each participant. We keep the players active and engaged. Individual attention will be given and there will be plenty of repetition to ensure understanding and improvement.

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In January, we will begin a comprehensive player development program. The program is designed to help players get prepared to have success in a 5 on 5 game situation. Each week, players will spend an hour working on skills and drills and then compete in a game with two 20 minute halves. Players will learn new skills and how to apply them in a team setting. Each team will have a coach that will assist in their development over the course of the program.

*Our 6-8 year old division will play on nine foot hoops and use a 27.5" basketball. This division is limited to 16 players.

*Our 9-11 year old division will play at 10 foot hoops and use a 28.5" basketball. This division is limited to 32 players.

*Our 12-14 year old division will play at 10 foot hoops and use a 29.5" basketball. For this reason, it is a boys only division. This division is limited to 32 players.

Due to the registration limits, register soon. Participation is based on a first come, first served basis. Registration is $150 for the program and includes the hour of training each week, a game each week, and a reversible jersey for games. 

*Since the program has started, you can now register for individual dates that fit your schedule at a drop in rate of $25 per session.

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On February 20th (Presidents' Day) we are hosting two separate camps. One will be in Phoenix at Arizona Lutheran Academy from 9:00-12:00. Then we will head up to Surprise for a camp from 5:00-8:00. These camps will focus on shooting, ball handling, decision making, and play making. There will also be an element of game play as well. The camps will be intense and players will get reps on reps.

Each camp is $35 per player.

On February 11th, we will host an intense ball handling camp. It's a short two hour camp with the design of helping players become more confident with the ball in their hands. This will help give them more confidence in their game overall. We will have a workout designed to help beginning players and challenge the most elite players as well. This camp is limited to 40 players so get registered soon to reserve your spot!

Ball Handling Clinic February 2023.jpg

On February 18th, we are hosting a basketball moves camp. This is a great extension of the ball handling camp. Now we will take that foundational ball handling and apply it to game scoring situations. This camp is also limited to 40 players. Secure your spot soon!

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Our March development program is open for registration. This program runs on the four Sundays in March. It will again have four levels of training.

Coed Ages 6-8 27.5" ball and 9 foot hoops 11:30-1:15

Coed Ages 9-11 28.5" ball and 10 foot hoops 1:30-3:15

Boys Ages 12-14 3:30-5:15

Girls Ages 12-14 5:30-7:15

Each week players will get an intense one hour workout. After the workout, they will be divided into teams and play a 40 minute officiated game. These games are designed to reinforce the skills that are being taught each week and help develop the players in a competitive environment.

March Training Schedule Phoenix 2023.jpg

We will host several outdoor camps at various grade schools over spring break. There will be a camps in Peoria, Glendale, Tempe, Mesa, and Tucson. Check the flyer below for times, dates, and locations.

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If you have any questions, contact Coach Hill:

(602)376-8572 or

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