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Our basketball camps are designed to optimize skill development and challenge each participant. We keep the players active and engaged. Individual attention will be given and there will be plenty of repetition to ensure understanding and improvement.

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We are having a set of two shooting camps in Surprise in August. All of these camps will have elements of proper technique and form shooting. We will work to help perfect the shot of the individual player and get them working toward consistent results.

On August 14th, we will focus on shooting off the move. This is vital because the majority of the game is played without the ball in our hands. We'll work on efficient movements to get us to spots where we can take advantage of the defense and rise up and knock down shots. We'll shoot off of curls, straight cuts, shifts, hops, 1-2 steps, reverse pivots, etc. We want solutions for any problems game movements might present.

On August 21st, we will focus on shooting off the dribble. This will help us gain versatility as a scorer. In addition to being able to spot shoot and shoot off the move, we must have the ability to attack closeouts and find solutions against teams that are trying to run us off the three point line. We'll work on our dribble pickups and our ability to get to space and get our shot off smoothly and efficiently.

You can register for each camp individually for $35 or you can attend both for $65.

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On August 13th, we will be having a ball screen reads camp. We will learn different reads for high ball screens, wing ball screens, and step up screens. We'll learn the appropriate attack angles and reads based on defensive coverages. We'll work on scoring options as well as passing options with no defenders and against defenders. This camp will be for players in grades 5-10. Registration is $35.

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If you have any questions, contact Coach Hill:

(602)376-8572 or