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Our basketball camps are designed to optimize skill development and challenge each participant. We keep the players active and engaged. Individual attention will be given and there will be plenty of repetition to ensure understanding and improvement.

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We are an ESA vendor. You can use those funds for all of our services. Contact us and we'll send you an invoice you can submit. 

On June 24th-27th we will be at Evergreen Lutheran High School in Tacoma, WA. We have had outstanding camps here for the past several years and this one should be no different! During this camp, we will have an emphasis on shooting. There will be different game shots and actions we will go through. We'll work on form and technique, as well as the ability to get our shot off quickly out of various movements and pressures. All of our skills will be taught progressively, so if you are new to the game or heading off to college, we'll put you in a position to improve your game. This will lead to our competitive play where we will work on being able to score the ball in 1v1 settings up through 5on5 full court game play. Come and join us for this exciting week of basketball fun!

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On July 15th-18th we will be in Appleton, WI at Fox Valley Lutheran. We've got a great camp lined up for players there. We are happy to team up with newly hired varsity boys head basketball coach, Tommy Stelter. We will be teaching fundamental concepts with a focus on shooting, ball handling, defense, IQ building, and footwork. Skills will be broken down into teachable pieces and then players will be put into positions to learn the skills and apply them to game settings. The camp will also feature game play each day. Players will be divided according to skill levels and get the opportunity to compete. The camp will be enjoyable for players of all skill levels. The camp is $75 for all four days or $30 for an individual day. 

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From July 22nd-25th, we'll be working in Fond du Lac, WI. Our four day camp will feature individual skill development, IQ development and game play. Players will experience skills taught in a progressive fashion. Newer players to the game will receive foundational fundamental development, while those who are more experienced will work more complex skill work under more complex situations. The goal is always to help players be effective in live game settings. That will include when they have the ball in their hands and more importantly when the ball is out of their hands. We'll help players understand them game so they can process basketball in a systematic way. This will allow them to make the proper basketball plays more often than not. Players will be leveled into groups by skill and will play in settings from 1v1 up through 5 on 5. This will be a fun, yet competitive camp.

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If you have any questions, contact Coach Hill:

(602)376-8572 or

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