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We are an ESA vendor. You can use those funds for all of our services. Contact us to find out how. 

Have you ever been to a practice and seen your child disengaged, just standing around, or constantly waiting at the back of a line? Have you been to a practice where only the best players get the majority of the repetitions? Have you been to practices where it just seemed disorganized and not much got done in the way of development? If this is the case, let us help become part of the solution. We design workouts that are engaging where players will get the desired repetitions necessary for improvement. We will take them at the level they are currently at and advance their skill sets. We will challenge them mentally and physically and the improvements will be noticeable. Give your kids an option that can supplement their team practices where growth will most definitely occur. Come on in and see what we can offer your child on their journey to greatness!

These classes will focus on overall player development. The sessions are fast-paced and intense. We have an urgency to get things done in a short amount of time. We will be working on all aspects of the game. Players will work on skills in shooting, passing, ball handling, balance, footwork, IQ , decision making, individual moves, finishing, etc.

What to Expect:

We will introduce players to the game and give them a foundation for shooting, ball handling, defense, and all the other skills necessary to take young players to good players. We will give experienced players higher level concepts to grasp to continually elevate their game and work on their craft.

We'd like to keep each class around 8-10 players. When a class reaches that number, we'll add another class and separate them based on age and skill level.

We will take the players' fundamental understanding of the game and give them the essential tools necessary to find success on the court in games. Players will be challenged to execute and perform at a high level.

What Players Are Offered:

Intense Workouts

A Foundation Built on Fundamentals

Flexible Workout Options

Coed Classes Ages 8-16

Tuesday and Thursday 


Saturday Mornings


You can register for 1-3 hours of training per month. This will be a recurring monthly payment. It can be adjusted to suit your needs.

1 Hour of Training per Week

$80 per Month

2 Hours of Training per Week

$120 per Month

3 Hours of Training per Week

$145 per Month

If you've never attended one of our workouts, you can register for a free one below.

We will be working out at The Basketball Factory:

9299 W. Olive Ave, Unit 406

Peoria, AZ 85345

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